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Episode 16 – The Financial Concern of Widowhood

Widowhood is the result of losing a spouse, and it can be both emotionally traumatic as well as financially draining if you’re not prepared. 

In this episode, Jim Donewald discusses how to prepare your finances and have all the necessary documentation to manage on your own if you lose your spouse.

In this episode you will learn:

  • The first thing you need to do if you lose your spouse
  • How quickly you need to deal with finances
  • The adjustments that need to be made to your retirement plan as a widow or widower
  • The potential loss of benefits that could come from losing your spouse
  • Why some clients avoid preparing for widowhood
  • And more!

Tune in to learn more about how to proactively prepare for the situation of widowhood!

Resources: CRIS Financial | John Glowacz | Jim Donewald